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Wheel Covers

Standard Wheelcover

What is it?

Profiled covers, which fit over a regular spoked wheel to convert it into an aerodynamic disc wheel.
Vacuum consolidated, high-modulus carbon-fibre reinforced resin construction - just like carbon frames and wheels - for high strength and stiffness. Custom made in CNC generated moulds to suit any hub/rim combination.
Great for Powertap wheels - get power data while racing without compromising performance.
Lighter and stiffer than regular plastic wheel covers.
Valve hole covers included.

Available in Standard, Lightweight and Premium lay-ups. The Lightweight and Premium both offer around a 10% weight saving over the Standard, while the Premium also features a distinctive 'spread-tow' chequerboard carbon finish, like this:-

Premium Carbon Finish

Our bold graphics suit most frame colour schemes, but if you want something more 'stealthy' or just different, we can supply them in black, grey, red, or other colours to order. The graphics can also be left off if preferred.

Stealth Logo

Black 'Stealth' Logo

Green Logo

Green Logo

Wheelcovers are available in a number of shapes to suit frames with close-fitting, curved chainstays and seatstays, including specific frames like the Planet-X Stealth, Specialized Transition etc.

Low-Profile Covers

Approximate Wheelcover Weights:-
  Rims up to
~50mm deep
Rims 60 - 80mm deep Rims
~100mm deep
Diameter of wheelcovers 608mm ~550mm ~500mm
Weight - Standard 360g 290g 240g
Weight - Lightweight & Premium 320g 260g 220g

How does it work?

All the wind-tunnel tests show that a disc wheel has the lowest drag of all types. Furthermore, as the yaw angle increases (greater relative side-wind), the drag reduces even more and in some cases can become negative - like a sail driving you forwards. For this to happen, the airflow needs to stay attached on the leeward side of the disc. This happens best if the disc is lenticular (lens-shaped) rather than flat, in the same way that an aerofoil works better than a flat aircraft wing.

What can it do for me?

A flat disc is generally found in wind-tunnel tests to be worth a saving of about 30-40 seconds over a 25-mile time-trial compared with a standard road wheel. A lenticular disc or a set of wheel-covers can improve a further 5-10 seconds on that, possibly more in a stronger crosswind.

Performance estimates are based on a number of assumptions. Individual results may vary. Key assumptions are:-
• Speeds around 30 mph.
• Flat course.
• Negligible wind.
• Typical rider and bike proportions.


Standard: £140 per set
Lightweight: £160 per set
Premium: £180 per set
All include P & P.
(applies to UK only -
other destinations,
please enquire.)

Layup Type:-
Add details of your rim and hub:-

Lead-time is typically about 2-3 weeks. At busy times, it may even be a bit longer. Let us know if your requirement is urgent, as we may be able to prioritise your order.

Please remember to put in details of your rim and hub combination and any other information required. Refer to previous e-mails if you have enquired earlier. (You can also add notes at the Paypal page.)
Any questions - please ask.

We have data for the following hubs:-
• PowerTap wired &
  wireless (including G3)
• Planet-X
• Shimano 6500
  (+ most groupset hubs)
• Shimano RS80
• Bolzano (Pro wheels)
• Zipp 188

Wheelcovers can be made to various depths and dishes to accommodate shallow rims up to 100mm deep rims.

• How to fit RALTech Wheel Covers.
• How to measure up for custom size wheel covers.

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